Founded in 2007, the company started as a distributor of wet wipes for the local restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other service areas. With the demand from the market, the company has included many products under its distribution channels, including air purifier, disposable towels, and many more.

In 2008, the company expanded its operation to a manufacturing business, especially in Home & Personal Care product categories. We engaged in all stages of manufacturing, from production and processing of raw materials through to finished products on the retailer’s shelf. 100% of the production is still for the local market.

In 2015, Severin, the long-standing German brand with a strong sense of self arrived in Indonesia. We distribute high-quality electronic appliances for the home – and have done for over 60 years. We make life easier and bring a certain savoir-vivre to every household. SEVERIN is the uncomplicated brand for a performance-oriented generation who demand quality and design in the comfort of their own home.



Laksana Business Park blok EC no. 26-29
Tangerang Banten 15770

PT. Indo Non Woven

P : 021 - 59377000

PT. Anugerah Sejati Laras

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PT. Setai Modern Elektronik

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E : info@severin.co.id